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Realtors, are you ready to take our relationship to the next level?

Discover what’s in it for you …

4% Co-Broke for all new renovation listings for the first 21 days!

That’s right, we pay BIG! We are either going to pay taxes and maintenance, or we can pay you more by selling it quickly. We are very professional, accommodating, and simple to work with as we both have the same goal in mind … Sell The Home!

Earn BOTH sides of the Commission by bringing us the deal first!

If you bring us a home that you have listed, we will pay you BOTH sides of the commission. If you bring us a house that we are unaware of, listed by someone else, we will use you as our Buyers Agent. If you find an FSBO that may not want to work with a Realtor, or maybe there just isn’t enough commission in the deal to make it worthwhile to list, you can still profit by getting us a showing, or giving us the lead directly. Either way, if we purchase the home, we will pay you a referral commission.

Volume Commissions

By referring houses to us on a regular basis, you’ll get volume commissions. Many other investors are only able to buy 1 or 2 houses a year, but because we have almost unlimited funds available to us, we can buy any house that the numbers work on. We buy over 50 houses each year, so you can earn a lot working with us. Plus, you get delicious brownies every time you do a deal with us!! Give us a try. If you do, you’ll love working with all of us and we can do many deals every year together!! Imagine having a case buyer on speed dial?? Thats us!! We want you to think of us as your first call ALWAYS!

Okay, so it’s good for me, BUT what’s in it for my seller?

Fair Offer – Quick Cash – Easy Sale!

If you have a seller that needs to sell quickly, call us before it even hits the open market, and we can make you a same day cash offer. Your seller gets their money quickly, and don’t forget … you get BOTH sides of the commission, quick and easy! No hassle, rarely any inspections, no repairs or clean-up. Your sellers can leave the home as-is, in any condition, and with whatever furniture or debris they want to leave. Nothing scares us … we’ve seen it all.

Our Basic Criteria:
Any House, Any Area, Any Condition, Any Price Range

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Are you a Fellow Investor or Wholesaler? Don’t worry … We’ve got some love for you too!

We don’t kiss on the first date, but let’s make a deal that will make your bank account smile! We believe there is enough to go around for all of us, so if we haven’t met before, we’d love to meet you! By networking our knowledge, skills, and expertise, we can all win. At Signature Home Buyers, we love to work with other investors, new or seasoned. As we all know, timing is everything in our business. From time to time, we may purchase a home that it makes more sense to sell off to another investor. At other times, you may want to wholesale a house to us and make a profit yourself. We want to build a very open relationship with all investors in the Capital Region and beyond. Wholesalers if you are someone that is in the Wholesaling Business, putting out We Buy Houses signs, etc., we would like to meet you too. We work with wholesalers on a regular basis. We pay cash and can close quickly.

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