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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the common questions others have asked.

If your question is not on the list, please don’t hesitate to call us and get it answered immediately.

No matter what the situation, we have experience and take pride in finding solutions to your real estate needs.

If you’re ready to tell us about your property, call 518-630-6000 to speak to us about a solution.

Sell a House FAQ's

How does the process work?

Great Question. Please see our Sell A Home page for details.

What kind of houses do you buy?

We buy ugly and pretty houses, in any area and price range.

How can you close so fast?

We pay YOU cash, so there are no banks or mortgages to work through.

Do I need to clean my house before you buy it?

Absolutely Not! We will make this very easy for you. You simply take what you want, and leave the rest for us to deal with.

Will I need to do any repairs before closing?

No. We pay cash and purchase the house as-is. We make it VERY easy for you to move on.

What if I am behind on my payments, taxes, or in foreclosure?

Not a problem. We have a program to stop the foreclosure process, but call us fast!!

Do you charge commission?

No, you get to keep the entire sales price minus a few small closing costs.

How long after I contact you, will I hear from you?

In most cases, you will hear from us the same day.

I don't have a house for sale, but my friend does. Do you pay for referrals?

Yes we do. Please go to the Refer a House page for details.

Buy a House FAQ's

I'm a First Time Home Buyer, and I'm nervous about buying a home. How can you help me with the process?

First Time Home Buyers are our specialty. We can step you through the entire process, helping you get pre-qualified, get legal representation, inspections, etc. Our goal is to make your first home buying experience a great one!

If I'm not Pre-Qualified for a Mortgage, can you help me through the process?

Absolutely. We will help you every step of the way.

If I am not represented by a Real Estate Agent, can I buy one of your homes?

Yes, Our consultants are also licensed real estate agents. Your lawyer will verify that all paperwork is satisfactory.

If I am represented by a Real Estate Agent, can I buy one of your homes?

Yes, Our team are also licensed real estate agents and work very well with all other agents. Many times, we are their favorite sellers to work with since we go out of our way to make our buyers happy.

How long does it take to buy a home?

Depending on the type of mortgage, a typical closing will happen in 4-6 weeks. We have lenders that can close in as little as 28 days or less.

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